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SportsArt A93 Functional Trainer

  • A93
  • A93 Functional Trainer
  • A93
  • A981
  • A983
  • A991_1
  • A993_11
  • a995
  • A996
  • A997
  • A998_1
  • A999_1
  • DF-100_1
  • DF-101
  • DF102
  • DF103
  • df104
  • DF105
  • DF105a
  • DF106
  • DF107
  • DF108
  • P711Assisted Chin Dip
  • P717Shoulder Press
  • P721Mid Row
  • P722Pec Delt Fly
  • P725Tri Extension
  • P726 Lat Pull Down
  • P731 Ab Crunch
  • P732 Back Extension
  • P751 Abduction
  • P752 Adduction
  • P759 Leg Curl
  • P771 Cable Cross Over
  • P773 Cable Tower
  • S911Assisted Chin Dip
  • S915Ind Chest Press
  • S916Ind Lateral Pulldown
  • S917Ind Shoulder Press
  • S918Low Row
  • S919Independent Lat Raise
  • S921Mid Row
  • S922Independent Pec Delt Fly
  • S923Pullover
  • S925Tri Extension
  • S926Lat Pull Down
  • S931 Ab Crunch
  • S932 Back Extension
  • S933 Indenpent Pec Deck
  • S935 Rotary Torso
  • S951 Abduction
  • S952 Adduction
  • S955 Glut
  • S956 Hor Leg Press
  • S957 Leg Extension
  • S958 Lying Leg Curl
  • S961 Total Hip
  • S971 Cable Cross Over
  • S973 Cable Tower
  • Sports-art-DF-105-Bicep-Curl-T-2
  • XT20Trainer
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  • SportsArt A93 Functional Trainer

    Tower Features
    3 sets of rotating pulleys deliver maximum
    training options
    All pulleys are deep-grooved and shrouded to
    keep cables tracking properly
    weight stack delivers smooth, silent operation
    Magnetic selector pin always engages quickly
    and easily
    wide variety of accessory handles and carabiners
    come standard
    Adjustable lat hold down pads fit a wide variety
    of users
    Total Motion Technology™ – since all 3 sets of pulleys
    are rotational, they deliver a wider variety of exercises
    and more effective training angles than other
    functional trainers
    All components are commercial grade and, in fact,
    come directly from SportsArt’s world-class health
    club strength products


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Servicing and Warranty

Summit Fitness has a team of very highly qualified and enthusiastic technicians to ensure that your product is assembled correctly, used correctly and maintained correctly. In the event of something going wrong with the machine, we offer very prompt after sales service. We believe it is the best in the industry and we stand by that.