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Bodycraft PFT V2 Functional Trainer

  • Bodycraft PFT V2 Functional Trainer
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  • Strength training for sports or personal fitness
  • Quality construction
  • Independent, adjustable cable columns
  • Exceptional look
  • Compact design

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  • Bodycraft PFT V2 Functional Trainer

    Train The Way You Move
    It’s that simple. For your day-to-day life, sports, or leisure activities, the PFT allows you to train the way you move. You define the path of motion allowing you to strengthen every part of your body for the way you want to live. It’s that simple.

    Functional Training also improves coordination and balance, and increases core strength.

    All Accessories are Included
    Mounted book describing over 70 exercises
    Long Bar that attaches to both sides
    Short Bar that attaches to one side
    Multi-grip Chin Bar
    Nylon Strap that attaches to both sides for Assisted Chin-ups
    Ankle Strap
    2 Single Handles

    Independent, Adjustable Cable Columns have 30 Height Positions, and Rotate 200 Degrees allowing you to train from every Angle and any Height.

    • The cables travel 77.5″ inches and are constructed of flexible nylon coated, 7 X 19 strand aircraft cable rated at over 2000 lbs. tensile strength. (BEWARE of cable travel that is significally further than this. It often means a much lower effective weight of the stack).
    • Compact: only 4.4′ d X 3.2′ w.
    • Beautiful Oval Tubing, Upgraded Paint, And Acrylic Covers all add up to an exceptional look!
    • Quality built and warranted for full Club use
    • Weight Stack: Dual 160-lbs. graduated Steel Weight Stacks. The weight stack to user weight ratio is 2:1. Each 160 lb. weight stack provides up to a total of 80 lbs. resistance. This ratio allows for extremely smooth action, lower increment weight increases, and greater range of motion. The first 10 plates on each stack are 5 lbs. each, providing 2.5 lbs. resistance. The final 10 plates on each stack are 10 lbs. each, providing 5 lbs. resistance.

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Summit Fitness has a team of very highly qualified and enthusiastic technicians to ensure that your product is assembled correctly, used correctly and maintained correctly. In the event of something going wrong with the machine, we offer very prompt after sales service. We believe it is the best in the industry and we stand by that.