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Cross Fit is fast becoming the best way to train the body in strength and cardio in the same session.

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  • The CrossFit Combo

    Double sided power sled

    6kg, 12kg, 20kg (Other sizes are available, 2kg, 4kg, 8kg, 10kg, 15kg)

    Steel Kettle Bells
    8kg, 16kg, 24kg

    Gymnastics Rings
    Very popular crossfit equipment designed to build and strengthen


    Plyobox Set
    Plyometric boxes are extremely popular with crossfit athletes and for good reason
    32cm, 47cm, 62cm, 77cm

    What is CrossFit training

    CrossFit is a strength and conditioning brand. CrossFit combines weightlifting, sprinting, and gymnastics.[1] CrossFit says that proficiency is required in each of ten fitness domains: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy. It defines fitness as increased work capacity across all these domains and says its program achieves this by provoking neurologic and hormonal adaptations across all metabolic pathways

    Is CrossFit exercise healthy and does it work

    The editors of PureHealthMD writing for Discovery Health Channel found CrossFit “equals better fitness and stronger muscles in a more reasonable amount of time” compared to trying to “build muscle and get in shape by spending 60 minutes or more in the gym several days a week…” Their conclusion was that the program “is a different type of exercise routine …a well-rounded and very efficient way to achieve a higher level of fitness …that does not need a whole lot of fancy equipment, but does offer a nice variety to keep the interest level up and provide the challenge needed to keep the exercise fun.”

    The 300 workout

    From the movie of the same name, the 300 workout is equally as brutal. Designed originally as a test, the director had his actors prove their fitness for the movie.

    He wanted them to be in supreme shape and set 20 minutes as the standard. For the record only two people from the cast and crew completed this challenge in under 20 minutes.

    Here it is..
    25 pull-ups
    50 deadlifts 60kg
    50 push-ups
    50 Box Jumps 60cm
    50 Floor wipers 60kg
    50 Kettlebell Clean and Press 15kg

    Summit fitness CrossFit 300 !

    In one of our newsletters, we mentioned the 300 workout (from the movie 300) and gave the workout for you to try. Since then, there has been plenty of interest in having another competition!

    We need some support so come down to Summit Fitness or contact us if you want to put a team in the our event.

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