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  • The Jones Platinum with Full Body Trainer (FBT) is the Most Comprehensive Strength Training Device Ever Produced!

    The Best Exercise Machines Use Your Muscles the Way They are Designed to Function
    The Jones Platinum patented 3-D barbell motion offers simple, natural, multi-plane movements that train and protect the body for every day living, sports activities, and rehabilitation. Because the body’s natural movements can be utilized within the Jones, all free-weight barbell exercises can be safely performed.

    You choose the Olympic Bar you want!
    Active Balance Bar The Active Balance Bar must be balanced by the user, providing the benefits of Barbell training by incorporating stabilizer muscles and promoting symmetry. The ABB is attached to the bearing housings via a limited-range coupler which allows it to tilt, but never too far to go beyond the bar hooks and safety spotters. Far and away the #1 choice. Extra $100 charge applies.
    Light Weight Active Balance Bar Same as Active Balance Bar, but with lighter starting weight (35 pounds) and lighter capacity (500 pounds).
    Power Bar Top quality bar without Active Balance feature. Rigidly attached to the bearing housings.

    Body Weight Training
    Two different chin bars provide every possible grip for pull-ups. Fix the Olympic Bar into various positions for angled push-ups, pull-ups, leg exercises, and more.
    Stretch Training
    The Bar and Handles can be fixed into dozens of positions to facilitate stretching.
    Functional Training
    With optional FBT
    Progressive Functional Training
    With optional FBT and Jones Platinum working in tandem
    Barbell Training
    All Barbell exercises can be performed with the safety of the bar hooks and safety spotters traveling along with you!
    Sports Specific Training
    So you can excel at your favorite activity!
    Smith Machine Training
    The horizontal travel can be locked into place, converting the Jones to a Smith!
    It is the safest Free-Weight device ever made for the solo lifter! Think of it as a Power Rack where the Bar Hooks and Safety Spotters move along with every movement you make!

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Servicing and Warranty

Summit Fitness has a team of very highly qualified and enthusiastic technicians to ensure that your product is assembled correctly, used correctly and maintained correctly. In the event of something going wrong with the machine, we offer very prompt after sales service. We believe it is the best in the industry and we stand by that.