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55cm Gym Ball Red with Pump

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Gym balls are a fantastic workout tool that can be used  to work nearly every muscle in your body. Nearly every exercise you can think of can be done on a gym ball turning your gym ball into a mobile gym.

Use your gym ball for treatment of back pain.

Use you gym ball for Rehabilitation.

Improve your Balance and Stability on a gym ball.

The gym ball has been scientifically proven to improve both your posture, core strength and your overall balance and stability. Gym Balls are also often used in rehabilitation and in the treatment of back pain.

The gym ball is an extremely powerful versatile and inexpensive exercise tool.


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  • 55cm Gym Ball

    Get the help you need to properly isolate muscle groups during training with the 55cm Gym Ball. The gym ball has gripping ridges for excellent traction and will help you take your work out to the next level. You won’t have to worry about the gym ball slipping while you are working out, with the gripping ridges ensuring that it stays precisely how you want it. The gym ball is good for a variety of workouts, from weight-training, aerobic, to resistance workouts, giving you everything you need out of your exercise equipment.

    Size: 55 cm

    • Ideal for home use
    • Versatile, high grade ball
    • Perfect ball for individual use
    • Appropriate for body resistance strength and flexibility activities

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Summit Fitness has a team of very highly qualified and enthusiastic technicians to ensure that your product is assembled correctly, used correctly and maintained correctly. In the event of something going wrong with the machine, we offer very prompt after sales service. We believe it is the best in the industry and we stand by that.