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What Commercial Fitness Equipment Is Best for My Gym?

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Time and again I receive emails from colleges, clubs, and even businesses looking to add a gym to their space. While the questions and answers vary from one message to the next, one of the most commonly asked questions I receive is from people who are wondering what types of commercial fitness equipment might be best to put in a space.The answer of course depends on the amount of space you have as well as your basic goals, but the number of times I have heard this question has led me to believe that there are many people seeking the answer.

When you are putting a gym or exercise area into a space, you need to first question your goals. More and more frequently I am seeing standard offices looking to create a space that allows employees to exercise. First and foremost, I applaud the effort, as it is certainly proven that office jobs are leading more and more people to sedentary and unhealthy lifestyles. For office owners asking these questions, the typical answer is to put in machines that are low impact and easy to use while providing an effective cardio workout. Treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes are ideal for offices.

When building a gym for a school, athletic club, or other similar business, the goals area bit different. With these gyms, the goal is often to improve not only cardio health and metabolism, but strength and endurance as well. While weight benches were once a staple in every locker room in the world, home gyms are increasing in popularity. They are safer, easier to use, and can work out virtually every muscle in the body. When coupled with treadmills and bikes for cardio, they can create an ideal workout setting for almost any purpose.

Commercial fitness equipment is certainly perfect for businesses of many types. These machines are durable and are built to stand up to repeated heavy use and hard workouts. While commercial equipment is often costlier than standard exercise equipment, the durability of these machines makes them a far superior investment. It makes me happy to see the number of different businesses looking to implement commercial equipment for employee, student, and member use. Knowing that people are becoming aware of increasingly unhealthy lifestyles and seeking to do something about it certainly offers a sense of satisfaction for everyone in the health and fitness industries.

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