Summit Fitness Equipment

Summit Fitness Equipment

Summit Fitness Delivery

Summit Fitness provides an Australian Wide delivery system that ensures safe and quick delivery so you can be up and running in no time.

Summit Fitness prides itself on delivering your equipment as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can be lifting weights rather than waiting around.

For NSW Customers

For NSW customers we have currently 4 locations for your product to be sent from.

Sydney metro area

Our Narellan Store can deliver and install around the Sydney metro area

Illawarra and South Coast areas

Our Wollongong store can deliver and install to the South Coast areas

Canberra area

Our Canberra store can deliver and install to the Canberra region including Snowy Mountains and surrounding areas.

To find out if you eligible for personal delivery click here to get our contact numbers.

For Non-NSW Customers

For non-NSW customers when ordering your equipment Summit Fitness will advise you on how your equipment will be sent to you and When it will be shipped and the expected day it will arrive. If you need delivery on a particular day, please advise our staff so we can try to ensure your delivery arrives when you want not when it turns up.

For the larger items, when delivered please follow the simple steps so you can be up and running in no time

  1. Select the location of where you want you equipment to go
  2. Have a clear passage to the location you have selected
  3. Make sure no breakable belongings are in the vicinity of the passage
  4. If being installed by us, please give ample space so we can have your equipment set up in the quickest time possible

If you have any other questions click here to grab our contact numbers or click below to contact us through email.