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Summit Fitness Equipment

Exercise and Fitness Equipment

Summit Fitness is more than just a simple supplier of exercise equipment. Our team consists of fully qualified personal trainers who have advised countless clients about enhancing their workout regimes and boosting their physique. No matter what your aims are, we will help you reach them in the most efficient manner possible utilising a selection of high quality fitness equipment. From cross trainers to rowing machines, we stock some of the best gear in the country, giving us the unique ability to create a customised home or office gym that helps you reach all of your exercise goals with ease.

Once we have established the right setup, our advisors will continue to give you the support you need to stay motivated and reach your targets. Based in Australia, our range of sports fitness equipmentis suitable for all gym types, allowing you to work on your cardio, strength and flexibility in the home or office. We will also cater to your price range, an ability which is possible thanks to our extensive selection of exercise equipment. With both local and international brands, we can supply you with the quality you desire whether you are building your muscle or burning fat.

What type of buyer are you?



New or very little experience with exercising and fitness equipment and have very limited knowledge on how to achieve their fitness goals.



Have used fitness equipment previously and have some knowledge on how to achieve their fitness goals.



Have been exercising for several years and have an advanced understanding of how to achieve their fitness goals.



Commercial Fitness Equipment is built to withstand the most demanding environments such as gyms and health clubs.